Hey guys, my business is started and my college is done! So i will be on every night!

I’m so sorry guys!

Just been a busy time, starting a business, when i finish with that, i can focus my energy on this again! And college, so busy and busy! And also my 22nd was this weekend, woo haha!

Anonymous asked: what dose an orgasam feel like?

Everyone experiences it differently!

Anonymous asked: ok what's the deal with large labias

Everyone woman has a different vagina, don’t say something like that because it can knock a persons courage and so on! Everyone is beautiful!

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Anonymous asked: Okay this is really awkward for me to ask but basically, is there something wrong that I can't pleasure myself? When guys do anything i'm instantly turned on and usually get wet and even orgasm but if i try anything on myself im just bored. I've even tried vibrators and stuff and nothing work :(

It might be that you get so turned on by a guy, that nothing really measures up to that? Have you tried different positions when using toys? hitting the G-spot?

Anonymous asked: i asked this before: why is it whenever i orgasm, i pee? it's really embarrassing, thank god i haven't let myself orgasm with a guy yet. but if i rub my clit for hella days, i pee. what the fuck is going on. and your response: Well that happens, when you feel like you need to pee when coming to an orgasm it can be a squirt but sometimes it is infact you actually need to pee. and here's my response: even if i pee before, i still pee. so i really don't have to pee. is there a way to prevent this

I haven’t really heard of this, and yes sometimes that sensation is that you need to pee! and you actually do, it’s just when you do eventually end up doing this with a guy, he just needs to be understanding and patient

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